Are you scared of ChatGPT?

Change phobia is ingrained in human nature. The human mind has the historic propensity for imagining the future and becoming overly conscious and apprehensive about automation supplanting human intelligence and disrupting its comfort zone. It is surprising that we fear objects and innovations that are nothing more than the product of human intellect. As per […]


Better off with a known expiry date??

I used to think it was wonderful to be naive about the world and all its mysteries. Ignorance, or the lack of it, might keep you from wasting time and energy worrying about something you don’t know much about. Recently, I binge-watched the Netflix series “Manifest”. The story follows 191 people who were aboard an […]


Waiting for someone else??

Today, I had the chance to watch the movie “Munich: The Edge of War” on Netflix. The movie was based on a book of the same name. While the movie itself wasn’t extraordinary or impressive as the subject was, there were certain messages and lines that stuck with me. Aside from the then UK’s then-prime […]

Is Suffering Optional?

Your pain and how you deal with it are in your hands. You are the one who is in control of how you respond to your circumstances. It is important to denote that people will hurt you, and there is no way around pain, but how long you suffer certainly is. You will become a […]


Digital has saved the Physical World

The arrival of Covid-19 induced global socioeconomic transformations. Governments enacted orders restricting large gatherings of people, prohibiting in-person business transactions, and encouraging as much remote employment as possible. As a result, businesses and schools alike began searching for internet-based methods to maintain operations remotely. While working from home offices, they utilized digital collaboration platforms to […]


Reflections appeared in “Books in Brief”

Nov 27th, 2022, What could be a better Sunday morning than waking up to your book summary appearing in a prestigious newspaper? Thank you for the beautiful present, sister. Dr. Saira Bano. Dawn-ePaper | Nov 27, 2022 | Get your copy at Amazon, Partridge Publishing, and Barnes and Noble. You may also leave your reviews and […]


Readers reflect on “Reflections”

Dear Readers, you may leave your comments and reviews on Reflections” through this section. About the book: What if, while sipping a cup of coffee on a weekend evening, you struggle to find answers to certain questions that pique your curiosity? What should you do if you wish to pursue the optimal course of action […]


Book presented to Pakistan’s First lady

It was an honor and a privilege to have my sister Dr. Saira Bano present “Reflections” to the First Lady of Pakistan, Mrs. Samina Arif Alvi in Karachi, Pakistan. The Honorable First Lady praised the author’s attempts to examine life’s issues through discussions and writings. “Reflections” continues to attract honorable readers. Purchase your copy on […]


Love-hate relationship

Some days you wake up, spring out of bed, take a shower and enthusiastically jump in your car excited about the workday ahead of you. Some days you dread the sound of your alarm going off and wish you could simply crawl back under the duvet and dream of a different existence. One moment you […]

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