Achievements shares her perceptions about gender parity in an insightful article this week. She states, “Women must have an unwavering belief in their ability to excel in any field, regardless of societal norms or biases. This confidence serves as a beacon of hope amidst adversity”.

Asma Jan Muhammad is a highly accomplished Chartered Accountant and a best-selling author. She holds dual accountancy charters from Pakistan/England & Wales along with a master’s in general management from the Swiss Business School, Zurich. Her academic excellence is marked by gold medals in her studies. With over two decades of leadership experience in prestigious local and international organizations, Asma has earned recognition as one of the Top 10 Women C.F.O.s in the U.A.E. with “Leadership Excellence” and “CA Woman of the Year” awards, as a testament to her career success. She is currently heading the finance function of a group of companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Shaped by her multicultural experiences in Pakistan and the UAE, Asma is driven to inspire others. Her published works include the Kindle best-seller “S.H.O.R.E.: The Ultimate Descent” (Amazon), “Reflections” (Partridge Publications Singapore), and collaborative projects “She Dares” and “She is Remarkable” with MENA Speakers UAE. Additionally, she serves as the editor of the Pakistan Association Dubai newsletter, “Pehchaan”.

Read the full article here: Can Leaders in Heels Heal the Gender bias at Work? – Impact Events & Publishers LLC (


Interview with The Emirates Times - Excelling Both Financial And Literary Landscape: Asma Jan Muhammad Shares Her Story
Asma was honored with the “Outstanding Leadership Award” by the CXO 2.0 Conference Dubai | USA – Shaping the Future of Business Leadership, held between Feb 20-22, 2024, at the InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, UAE. Achievers were chosen and adjudged on five parameters, namely a) Leader’s Reputation b) Achievements & Accolades c) Professional Experience d) Creative Thinking d) Decisive Leadership.

HELD ON 25 NOV 2023

Ambassador of Excellence: Asma’s Inspiring Journey as a Chartered Accountant, Author, and Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals

Asma, a financial trailblazer, intricately weaves together her prowess in both finance and literature, revealing the shared skills that bridge seemingly disparate realms. With a deft touch, she breathes life into words, triumphing over challenges and skillfully navigating hurdles. Her vision for women’s representation becomes a guiding light, reflected in her role as a CFO where she adeptly balances responsibilities. Asma’s message resonates to her multifaceted journey, urging others to embrace their passions and carve out their unique paths.

Held On 30th Oct 2023

A Fresh Essence In Storytelling With Upcoming Book S.H.O.R.E.: The Ultimate Descent – Asma Jan Muhammad Shares The Story Behind.

We recently had the honor of interviewing Asma Jan Muhammad, Dubai based Pakistani author, a finance expert, trainer, and inspirer, ready with her upcoming book S.H.O.R.E.: The Ultimate Descent, to showcase at the Sharjah Book Fair, a reputed and prominent platform. Asma has led her journey with a strong belief in promoting tolerance, diversity, and equality, which is reflected in her new book’s storyline. The protagonist of her story, Olive, leads a tale of testament to the indomitable spirit of women breaking through the glass ceilings of societal prejudice, politics, deceit, and opportunism. Read More . .

Held on July 2023

Top 10 Women CFO In UAE 2023.

In a world where gender disparities persist, some trailblazing women are breaking barriers and paving the way for their fellow women to thrive in every field. Asma Jan Muhammad is one such remarkable individual who has emerged as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of finance.

Held on 26th Mar 2022

The Most Professional Woman Award 2022 .

The Most Professional Woman 2022 award issued by Berkeley Investors Club and Voice of Global Women, In honor and recognition of valuable contribution to the society, awarded at Global Women Entrepreneurship conference and awards 2022 held on March 26, 2022 in Dubai.

Held on 11th April 2019

Dubai-based Pakistani wins Chartered Accountant Woman of the Year award.

Asma has been living in Dubai for the last 14 years. Pakistan President Dr Arif Alvi conferred the award upon Asma in Islamabad on April 11 at a ceremony organised by the Chartered Accountant (CA) Women Committee, of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). CA Women Awards are given to honour outstanding female professionals in the field. The winners are selected by an independent jury based on pre-defined criteria from a pool of names nominated by the CA members.
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Held on 26th Jan 2019

Women Entrepreneurship Conference and Awards 2019 “Balance for Better”.

Berkeley Middle East Women Forums organized the Women Entrepreneurship Conference and Awards 2019 with the theme Balance for Better. Audiences were filled with warmth and positive energy after listening to Women Entrepreneurs speakers sharing their inspirational life journeys with all the ups and downs throughout the way and how they overcome the impossible. Asma was part of the Expert panel discussion on Health and Wellness and Women and Money. She was also awarded “the most professional woman in Accountancy Award” at the end of the conference.

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Trailblazing CFO Leading the Way For Women in Finance

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