Olive from S.H.O.R.E. on the Podcast!

Olive on the Marketer of the Day Podcast! Imagine the lead character of a novel stepping out of the pages and into the hot seat of a podcast interview! That’s exactly what happened when Olive, the fierce protagonist of Asma Jan Muhammad’s riveting novel S.H.O.R.E.: The Ultimate Descent, took the mic on Robert Plank’s renowned […]


“Reflections” going global now!

“Reflections” is making its presence known in the international publishing community by participating in 2023 Book Exhibits arranged by Partridge Publishing Singapore. London Book Fair is a global marketplace for story creators and the hub of the publishing world. Happening from 18-20 April 2023 at Olympia London, LBF is the must-attend event of the spring. […]


Mom, You are truly Remarkable! – Book introduction Event

Karachi, March 2023: On the occasion of Women of Inspiration Conference 2023, Wonder Women Association of Pakistan hosted an award-giving ceremony to celebrate International Women’s Day under the Charter for Change 2023 – “We are different but equal” and recognized the efforts of a Pakistani woman who participated as a co-author in the book named […]


Reflections appeared in “Books in Brief”

Nov 27th, 2022, What could be a better Sunday morning than waking up to your book summary appearing in a prestigious newspaper? Thank you for the beautiful present, sister. Dr. Saira Bano. Dawn-ePaper | Nov 27, 2022 | Get your copy at Amazon, Partridge Publishing, and Barnes and Noble. You may also leave your reviews and […]

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