Is Suffering Optional?

Your pain and how you deal with it are in your hands. You are the one who is in control of how you respond to your circumstances. It is important to denote that people will hurt you, and there is no way around pain, but how long you suffer certainly is. You will become a prisoner of your mind if you begin and focus on the pain that you are dealing with. Pain certainly does not go away if you stop thinking about it, but it is important to acknowledge it and process it correctly.

If you ever experience physical pain and have a high fever, you will not tell yourself to bear it and suffer in silence but will force yourself to go to the doctor or will have someone else drive you. This is the way you regulate your pain. You simply do not tell yourself to bear it or just acknowledge it, but you make an effort to fix your physical condition and try to move on from it.

Once you start to experience emotional pain, you should recognize your ability to make it better. It is your responsibility to force yourself out of this misery and realize that there is a way out. If you want to understand how you can have more control over your emotional pain, then reading the book Reflections should be your first choice. Asma Jan Muhammad is a woman with an exceptional mind. She has been in the finance sector for a long time and has been able to critically analyze things in her surroundings. The emotions she feels and the biases she might have created throughout her life are challenged in this book. It is an ulterior perspective of the experiences that we go through every single day. Things such as greed, biases, virtue, wisdom, and much more. She delves deep into her conversations and is able to pull out some of the best topics. Not only does she analyze these topics, but she also writes them with a passion for change. She uses her moments of amusement to help cater to her thoughts better and is able to refine every single thing she puts on her pages. She uses words as her solitude and wants people to enjoy whatever she states. This book is now available on Amazon and up for purchase.

You can also take things positively. The optimism that comes from a bad experience shapes a human into an intuitive thinker and a better being. If a person is suffering, they could use this factor to realize that this suffering might have a better meaning to it or that the universe is trying to prepare them for something bigger. With time, suffering becomes a part of life, and a person can only learn how to deal with it better. Your pain and suffering will always have a meaning, and it will be well worth it in time. All you have to do is have patience, work on yourself, and know that things will indeed turn out for the better.


  • Ahsan Hussain
    April 9, 2023

    V. well written. A strive to cover mass topics in few words.

    • asma
      April 9, 2023

      Thanks Ahsan 🙂


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