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About The Book

The Club was the Board’s international affiliate and provided professional accountants from Asia with a networking forum in their adopted country, the United States. However, despite its fancy claims, the non-profit was not run transparently, forcing a young, energetic lady, Olive, to run her voice. She and her Like-Minded friends wanted transparency and fair treatment for all. Though supported by junior members, she was confronted by the patriarchal mindset that discourages women’s involvement in manly matters. She fought her way through to the top only to find the malice deep-rooted and highly exhausting for an honest individual.
Are you prepared to be inspired by Olive’s journey from adversity to triumph? Get on the inspiring journey of Olive in Asma’s new book “SHORE”, out now on Amazon.


She is Remarkable


About The Book

“She Is Remarkable” is a collaborative book of powerful stories from 29 inspiring women. These authors are spread out between different countries like the United States, Australia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates who have come together to narrate their life changing experiences of failure, loss, obstacles, perseverance and triumph that have the ability to connect with a reader emotionally and spiritually.

In this book Asma, as a co-author has narrated the story of her Mother, who challenged to break the chain of generational curses and Changed the legacy for the better

This book is published by Experts Market and MENA Speakers and is bound to maintain its past legacy of previous publications like “She Dares” and keep the reader creatively engaged through the chapters while giving the distinct feeling of empowerment and self-calibration.

This book is launched on February 9th, 2023 at 6PM at Bayt Damas in the presence of the authors and the MENA Speakers team.

This book will be available for purchase on Kinokuniya Books website, Experts Market website and other platforms operating in Dubai.


36 inspiring stories

She Dares

She Dares is a collaboration of 36 inspiring stories of women from across the globe. As the famous quote by writer Nora Ephron, “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” Each author narrates their experiences, courage to move ahead to succeed in overcoming some of the greatest obstacles in life.

by Asma Jan Muhammad


What if, while sipping a cup of coffee on a weekend evening, you struggle to find answers to certain questions that pique your curiosity? What should you do if you wish to pursue the optimal course of action but are faced with challenging options? and more ..

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