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Honorable Minister of State, Chairman Reforms and Resource Mobilization Committee, and ex-President ICAP spoke at the Wonder Women Association event held on 04.03.23 introducing AJM’s co-authored book #sheisremarkable. Minister of Education Sindh Syed Sardar Ali Shah and Minister of women development Syeda Shehla Raza also graced the event.

Book Introduction - She Dares

#SheDares BERKELEYME Women Entrepreneurship initiative, would like to introduce you with a co-author of “SHE DARES”, a book that contains success stories of 36 global women of courage. Asma Jan Muhammad. She wrote on a very interesting chapter, “It’s the courage to continue that counts!”. We are honoured to have her in BERKELEYME Women Show to highlight the achievements and story of successful women in”Live with Musa Shaikh” Show. A must to watch and share.

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