Asma Jan Muhammad

Asma is a distinguished finance specialist, author, trainer, and inspirer, passionate about enabling others by unifying amazing ideas and individuals. She is a strong believer in promoting tolerance, diversity, and equality, seeking inspiration from art and music.


Asma Jan Muhammad is an accomplished individual with a diverse range of skills and experiences. She has a strong background in finance, having received dual accountancy charters from Pakistan and, England & Wales. This educational foundation has equipped her with a deep understanding of financial management and strategic partnerships, which she has applied in her interactions with business leaders across various industries. She received gold medals in her studies and was awarded “CA Woman of the Year 2019” by the President of Pakistan in recognition for her community service in UAE. She also received recognition as one of the top 10 women CFOs in UAE – 2023, awarded by Women Entrepreneur India Magazine, recognizing her inspirational professional journey in the UAE business landscape.
Asma’s multicultural experiences in both Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates have not only enriched her perspective but have also fueled her desire to inspire others. Her works include “S.H.O.R.E.: The Ultimate Descent” (a Kindle Best-seller), “Reflections”, a compilation of motivational thoughts, and two co-authored books of uplifting women’s stories namely “She Dares” and “She is Remarkable” by MENA Speakers. She also serves as the Editor of the Pakistan Association Dubai digital newsletter “Pehchaan” and speaks for women-related causes. 

Beyond her professional and community endeavors, Asma’s appreciation for the arts, including poetry, music, and playing violin, adds a creative and expressive dimension to her personality.



“She Is Remarkable” is a collaborative book of powerful stories from 29 inspiring women. These authors are spread out between different countries like the United States, Australia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates who have come together to narrate their life-changing experiences of failure, loss, obstacles, perseverance and triumph that have the ability to connect with a reader emotionally and spiritually. In her chapter, Asma has narrated the story of her mother, who challenged to break the chain of generational curses and changed the legacy for the better! “Salute to the remarkable tenacity of a mother who learned from her sufferings and chose to alter the legacy she left for her daughters.”


Asma has volunteered with organizations like Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), Pakistan Business Council (PBC), Berkeley Middle East, PFUW and professional institutes such as ICAP and ICAEW to speak about women empowerment, community volunteering, and FOC consultancy and advisory in the financial management for startups.


Asma’s exposure both as a professional and as a volunteer over the past 20+ years has honed her strategic and analytic capabilities as someone able to imagine, connect and direct ideas and efforts toward tangible objectives and targets.


Mahmood Nanji

Asma is very conscientious and detail oriented. Once given a task you can be rest assured that it will be done with all the detailing required. Besides her job in Clover she worked on a special assignment for the Managing Director for a collaboration with an Egyptian company and the detailing required was phenomenal but Asma kept at it to its logical conclusion. She knows her field and if at any time I would require an Planning and Budgeting Manager it would be a pleasure to have her on my side.

Retail Division Advisor - Faran Sugar Mills Limited

Islam Salem

I have worked with Asma for 5 years. Her personality is well balanced and enjoys a high level of persistence and perseverance. Asma’s financial analysis capabilities are not just excellent, she strives to understand the business model and questions the assumption thoroughly. This makes her a business partner. She performs well under time pressure and meets her deadlines consistently. She is a team player and an honest person.

Managing Director - Canal Sugar

Fahim Khan

Asma and I studied together at Bradford University while doing our MBA. Asma has impeccable communication, leadership, and coordination skills and was always there to help. Though a quick learner, she has always been tremendously accommodating with the class, being a kind, and highly motivated soul.
Her financial acumen, especially in the Middle East environment is a testament to her chartered accountancy qualification and rich, diversified experience. She would be a great asset to any team that she chooses to be a part of.

Chief Internal Auditor - Aga Khan Foundation

Ross Grier

I have worked with Asma since 2013. During that time I, like many people within the organisation, have become reliant on Asma as she has great ability to get things done . Her ability to learn the drivers of several and very diverse businesses in many geographies, makes her a valuable asset for assessing opportunities, by getting into much detail, and understanding the interrelationships between the various parts of the puzzle. I have no hesitation in recommending Asma, to any employer for an appropriate role. Asma likes to be challenged and works well under pressure, achieving tight time lines.

General Manager Agriculture - Dubai

Ibrahim Mohamed

Asma is a dedicated, proactive and detail oriented finance professional. I have worked with Asma closely and she proved to be reliable and competent person.

Chief Financial Officer - UFC GYM Middle East

Ahmad El-Tobgy

Asma is very smart, experienced and one of the best team players I have every worked with she is also very pleasant, extremely focused and result oriented professional. when she is assigned a task one can be sure that she will deliver on timely and accurately manner. In nutshell she is an added value to any organization and very trust worthy person

Chief Financial Officer - Viterra Egypt
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