Why Is It Important To Have A Realistic Outlook Of The World?

The world does not revolve around us and our expectations. The vast and infinite universe may be sustained because of our existence, but it will not always fulfill our needs in the way we want it to. This is why it is important to have a realistic outlook on the world. Asma Jan Muhammad, the author of Reflections, States in her book that we must have a realistic level of optimism in life. She mentions how people have an optimism bias which forces them to deny the possibility of anything bad ever happening to them. This may also lead us to make risky decisions regarding our health and neglect minute safety precautions. The books discuss our views of the world that are damaging us and forcing us to be led by them blindly. We do not consider the possibility of being hurt. Even if we do get hurt, we are given the advice to let go.

The factor of letting go might be very difficult for many people since the brain starts to justify itself as innocent. We go far and beyond to forgive people, not knowing that it is not our responsibility to start with a clean slate. “Let go” is another chapter in Asma Jan’s book that helps readers move on with life with the right perspective. She does not only discuss the concept of “let go” but also mentions “let it be,” which is a practical approach to the world. Letting things be is a way of accepting the fact that you might not be able to forgive people and situations entirely, but it also removes the negative attachments we might make with such situations in order to justify ourselves and our feelings. This book is now available on Amazon and can be purchased. Get your copies and realize where extremist ideologies may be affecting you negatively.

If we take a realistic analysis of the world around us, there is a high probability of something devastating happening to those around us. We must carry out life in a way that is socially sound and woke. We can not make frivolous decisions based on high optimism rates. There are multiple reasons why we must have a realistic outlook of the world rather than sticking with either end of extreme optimism and pessimism.

Helps Encourage Mindfulness

A person who has a realistic outlook on the world will try to achieve mindfulness. Those who have a realistic outlook of the world will consider all of the possible outcomes they can face when they are dealing with certain problems. A person can be optimistic, but anything too extreme might make them work less hard and rely on the factor of good things coming their way. People who live with reality in mind know that the decisions they make right now will affect them in the future.

Promotes Better Health Decisions

A person who makes consistent good health decisions know that they must do this in order to maintain a better life later on. They can not be reliant on life working out in their own way. Researchers have associated realistic thinking with better health decisions. The other comparison in this research was overly optimistic people. Those who were living better were taking a realistic approach to life and making sure they were in control of how their lives were lived.

Helps Live In The Present

Those who know that every happy moment can end at any second make sure they enjoy every aspect of life. They try to take every second of life and live it to the fullest. People who enjoy things such as the sunlight on their skin or appreciate a simple meetup with their friends know that this moment will not repeat itself ever again. There will be other happy moments but never the same one twice. This thought promotes living life at the moment it is present.

A realistic approach to life helps us live life better and keeps us grounded in what is present around us.

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